The Importance of Art for Kids

Most children that are in the public school system are exposed to at least some art classes. As they get up into the higher educational levels many of them have the oppcontemporary-kids-wall-decorortunity to choose creative arts programs or to specialize in this. It doesn’t matter at what level art is introduced to a child there is a certain level of importance attached to it.

It is unfortunate that many of the school curriculum’s are not placing the emphasis on the art programs that they once did. Art seems to come naturally to kids who love to work with the different types of mediums, and they enjoy painting and drawing as well as the other art forms such as theater and music. Any of these art forms allow a child to express themselves.

Many gifted children have been discovered as a result of their creativity in their art forms. The school system focuses on that part of the brain that is used for logical thinking and analysis. This is where the academic subjects of math, reading, and science come into play. Just as important as the right side of the brain is where the creativity fields lie, and this is where the emotions and perceptions are and where intuition resides. This is the part of the brain that is put to work when a child is being involved in an artistic project.

Looking at it in this light in itself shows how important it is that art should continue to be included in the school system for children. This can be carried over into the home setting and most parents will always make sure that there are certain amount of artistic mediums present for the children to use to express themselves. It is often classed as a quiet time for children as they become so involved and attentive to the creative pieces that they are working on.