Selling 400 Paintings a Year is a Success Story

Most artists that are looking at their creative talents to further their career would find that if one said they were able to sell 400 paintings in a year, it would be a statement that would be more of a dream than a reality. However, there wjohn_martin_-_manfred_on_the_jungfrau_1837as an artist that was able to do this and this was a current artist working in modern day times.

This was a young artist very much like all the other artists out there who truly wanted to make a career in his field of art, but didn’t know where to get started. The young graduate had a degree in illustration but decided to become a little adventuresome and ventured out into Plein air painting.

The young man became so engrossed with this art form that he decided not to go with his original career in illustration for which he held a degree in, and decided that he was going to follow the field of painting in Plein air. This was not something that impressed his family but he was adamant that this was the path he was going to follow.

For the first while he struggled like many young artists do, selling a few pieces here and there but not enough to sustain a good lifestyle. As luck would have it one woman who viewed his paintings liked his work and bought all that he had on view that particular day. This brought him in over $1000 in cash and this one client now became a friend and she allowed this young artist to set up a showing in her home which was the beginning of his new career. As he went on to progress in his art form he was able to sell an excess of 400 paintings in the year and knew that he had made the right decision for his path in life.