The Path To a Degree In Fine Arts

The ability to sketch well is a fundamental prerequisite of joining an Art school. However, you will need a little more than that to qualify. Completing your tertiary studies adequately is what will get you a foot

Getting Kids Interested in Art

While most kids have no problem sitting down with a box of crayons and some cartoon characters to color, the artistic talents of the youngster should be promoted to their fullest extent. This doesn’t mean that every

The Importance of Art for Kids

Most children that are in the public school system are exposed to at least some art classes. As they get up into the higher educational levels many of them have the opportunity to choose creative arts programs

How to Become Recognized as an Artist

There are artists who enjoy their activities in this field simply for the pleasure of it, and it is a form of escape for them to be able to relax and enjoy it as a hobby. Then

Selling 400 Paintings a Year is a Success Story

Most artists that are looking at their creative talents to further their career would find that if one said they were able to sell 400 paintings in a year, it would be a statement that would be

Can The Internet Be Beneficial To Budding Artists?

There is no doubt that the Internet is the be all and end all for most types of businesses and consumers alike. However, artists are not quite sure if this is the avenue that they can pursue

Different Kinds of Art

There are tons of different art forms that budding artists can become involved in, but some are more common than others. Paintings are one common form of art that can be purchased by art lovers. Paintings go

Different Kinds of Mediums

When one is talking about mediums with an artist then it means that they are talking about the different types of artist materials and supplies that they use for creating their art. The technical explanation of what

What is Art Therapy?

While many look at art as being a creative endeavor that is carried out by artistic people it can go well beyond this where it is utilized as art therapy. Art therapy is often used in the